DESIGNER: Shin & Tomoko Azumi

In 1969, man landed on the moon in the LEM (Lunar Excursion Module), In 2000, at the return of the millennium, the LEM stool was created, one of the symbols of Lapalma’s style. The same lightness, the same absence of gravity which, in the void by design, fosters its relationship with the environment. And like the Apollo 11, it could not bear unnecessary weights, therefore this amazing chair incorporated all functions in a high elegant minimalist profile. Only the essential, the rest stayed on the ground.

Blanched oak, black pore open, black or white lacquered, black or white fenix, soft leather, fabric.

Matt chromed steel, black or white powder coating

An iconic stool. The lines of it’s closed, perfect form delineate the minimum indispensable volume, achieving a measured and timeless elegance. A versatile Lapalma classic for the contract segment, used widely for a broad range of requirements, Swivel seat and adjustable, gas spring.

Width 370 x Depth 420 x Height 740-870mm Height Adjustable
Width 370 x Depth 420 x Height 740-870 Self-returning
Seat Height: 660-790mm

Width 370 x Depth 420 x Height 880mm
Seat Height: 800mm

Fabric Requirements

Barstool: Fabric – 0.6m

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