DESIGNER: Fabio Bortolani

GIRO recalls the American movie house and coffee houses but it has the look of Italian lightness. Made of a metal band, it’s shape is a gently concave circle that accommodates the seat. And flexibility is in it’s screw, which adjusts it’s height and delightful movements.

Blanched oak, black open pore, white lacquered and soft leather

Stainless steel, black or white powder coating

An archetypal stool shape drawing memory, past and tradition, revisited in a modern style. The key feature here is the screw mechanism which allows the user to adjust the stool to their required height. A slightly concave disc-shaped seat and four slender metal legs secure to a circle band ensure stability.

Width 500 x Depth 500 x Height 660-760mm Height Adjustable
Weight: 6.3kg

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